Building the buzz around small businesses

Great British Beer 3Beehive Brae is helping to build the buzz around Small Business Saturday (5th December 2015).

The annual event, which takes place on the first Saturday in December, encourages UK shoppers to think about their small, local companies rather than looking to huge supermarkets and the usual High Street retailers.

National Campaign Director, Michelle Ovens added:

“The Small Business Saturday campaign plays a valuable role in focusing the minds of consumers and business people on what small businesses in any sector or line of business can offer in terms of range of products and services and levels of customer service. Most people in this country own a small business, work for a small business or know somebody who does, so supporting a small business on Small Business Saturday is personal and means you are supporting somebody you know.”

Last year more than £500million was spent on Small Business Saturday, as shoppers flooded out in support, with 64% of UK consumers aware of the now annual event.

Beehive Brae’s parent company, Plan Bee has become a leading light in the small business community in Scotland, as one of the fastest growing sustainability businesses in Britain. The company has scooped around 30 accolades in less than five years, working out at around one every eight weeks.

Small businesses are working tirelessly at this time to increase sales make sure that despite disappointing forecasts for Christmas spending that they grab their slice of the cake.

Hisashi Kuboyama, FSB’s Development Manager, said:

“Small Business Saturday is all about celebrating fantastic small businesses and also highlighting their important contribution to the local and national economy. The FSB has been promoting the campaign nationally and encouraging small businesses to take part. Therefore it is great to see innovative, unique local firms like Plan Bee show its support for this celebration of small businesses.”

More than 16 million shoppers took part in Small Business Saturday last year, recording a 20% rise on the previous year. Figures are expected to increase again this year as more and more people come out in support of their small, independent retailers to back their local economy.