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About Beehive Brae

Hi, we’re Beehive Brae™ and we’re not just about great tasting Mead and Honey Beer, we’re all about bees too.

Our Mead is a light and slightly floral modern classic, reimagining a 40,000 year old recipe for 21st century tastes. And, our Honey Beer is a full-bodied artisan blonde ale that not only tastes great but has refreshing environmental credentials too.

We use only British honey in every drop of Beehive Brae™, and what’s more the honey comes from our own sustainably managed partnership hives across the UK. We work with companies big and small to help protect and preserve dwindling honeybee populations.

Our Awards

Every drip of  our award winning Beehive Brae mead or honey beer sold goes towards protecting and preserving dwindling honeybee populations.


Where we are sold